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Our company Göker Medikal has been operating in the health sector and medical product technologies since 2010. Our primary goal is to prioritize human health. In line with this goal, we aim to be one of the leading organizations in the health sector with the principles of quality, product safety, social responsibility and 100 % customer satisfaction at international standards. All the products we represent are produced in the light of the most advanced technologies and with world-class quality standards.

Biosafety cabinets

Biosafety cabinet [biological safety cabinet] has HEPA filter and protects staff and experiment from all external effects harmful to health. Generally used for safe work on materials contaminated with infectious microorganisms (or pathogens). For this reason, Biosafety cabinets are also called microbiological safety cabinets. All the exhaust air that is thrown out of the cabin is HEPA-filtered air and harmful bacteria and viruses are removed from the application. Class II cabinets are the most used model in biomedical and microbiology laboratories.

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PCR Machine

Our Real-Time PCR Detection System offers two-target analysis, excellent thermal cycler specifications, and the maximum reliable performance in Detection System. The system incorporates innovative optical technologies with powerful software to provide maximal reliability and efficiency for all your real-time PCR needs.

Our Real-Time PCR Detection System offers:

Easy startup — obtain great results right away with factory-calibrated dyes, quick setup, and intuitive software Effortless optimization — save time and reduce costs by optimizing assays in a single run using the thermal gradient Powerful data analysis tools — quickly and accurately validate and analyze data with the advanced analysis modules of Software

Products Detail

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